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Users can be created for device enrollment in AirWatch on iOS and android platforms. A username and password are created. The activation details are communicated to end-users who can log in with provided credentials.


Admin can begin enrolling devices once they have AirWatch installed. The devices can be enrolled on android as well as iOS platforms. A user may use multiples devices like laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc., at the same time. Every device can be enrolled under a single user ID. The user ID and password can be configured at the time of deployment or changed at a later time as well. The users can also be deleted from the list of enrolled devices. AirWatch also allows a special feature called Shared device, which allows repurposing of the device according to the user signed in by the process of “Check-ins” and “Check Outs” performed by AirWatch App on the device. The app catalog, permissions, and database change completely when a new user logs in.

Managing Users in AirWatch

A single end-user may have multiple devices. All these devices can be enrolled and managed under a single user account. Making changes in configurations affects users and their devices at multiple locations. To change user access following steps should be followed:

  • Login to AirWatch through a browser portal.
  • Navigate to accounts on the sidebar
  • To view all existing accounts, select list view.
  • Select the account you wish to edit from the list. Click on the pencil from across the user name to edit a user. Configurations can be made to settings and passwords. The modified credentials should be communicated to end-users.
  • An account can be deleted by selecting the down arrow icon from across the user name and selecting delete user. The user is unenrolled and does not have access to the enterprise databases and functions.

Creating a user in AirWatch

To create a user account for devices on AirWatch, you must have an AirWatch account. For a single user, multiple devices can be enrolled under the same account. Once the users are created, the login credentials are communicated to them. These steps must be followed to create an AirWatch user account:

  • Login to the AirWatch account through a web browser.
  • Navigate to Accounts on the left pane.
  • Select the list view option.
  • Browse to Add icon and select Add user.
  • A dialogue box with an Add/Edit user option appears.
  • Go to the General Tab and enter the following details:
    Security Type: Under Security type, select basic.
    Username: Enter the User name for the account.
    Password: Provide a password for the account
    Confirm Password: Reenter and confirm a password for the account.
    Full name: Enter user first and last name. If not entered, they are automatically created.
    Display name: Name, which will be shown on the console.
    Email address: Link the account to a mail ID which may be a personal or generic corporate ID.
    Enrollment Organization Group: The Enrollment tab has to be expanded, and the organization group is specified for the enrolling device, which is usually the main organization group of the company.
    User role: The enrollment tab has to be expanded, and the access type for the user is specified, which can be Full Access, Basic Access, or External Access.
    Message type: The Notification bar is expanded, and the message type is specified as an email or an SMS.
  • Select the Save and Add device option. A dialogue box with Add device configuration appears.
  • The required device information needs to be entered.
    Friendly name: Enter a name associated with the device and user, e.g. Michael’s iPhone
    Organizational group: Select your main Organization under the Organizational group.
    Device Ownership type: Select personal or company-owned device.
    Platform: Select Any, android, or iOS from options.
  • Configure Message settings whether the user receives credentials as SMS or mail. Receiving mail address or phone number is entered. The custom message template can be viewed or changed as per requirement. Click Save.
  • If the box to the left of the user name is checked, the management option above the list of users allows the admin to add users to groups. e.g. Adding employees with similar jobs to groups
  • The AirWatch server stores and associates users with devices on its database.
  • The user receives an auto-generated mail, which contains AirWatch login credentials and a QR code for activation.


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