Welcome to our CSS Quiz! CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is the language used to style web pages and give them a visually appealing look. In this quiz, you’ll be challenged on your knowledge of CSS selectors, properties, and values. From the basics of applying colors and fonts to more advanced concepts like layout and animation, our quiz covers a wide range of topics to test your knowledge. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced web developer, let’s dive in and see how much you know about CSS!


CSS Quiz

Test your knowledge of CSS selectors, properties, and values with our interactive quiz!

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z-index mainly works on

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________ property specifies delay of an animation.

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If the value of the z-index is -1, will the text be displayed?

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What is the function of this property? list-style-type: none;

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What is the list-style image?

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In CSS, what is h1 called?

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Which of these is a state of link?

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Which is the correct syntax for selecting the p siblings of a div element?

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What are web-safe fonts?

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How to specify the transparency of an element in CSS?

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What is the function of text-indent?

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If we have not specified the duration of the transition, then

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The shorthand property for text-decoration is

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Which function is used to create CSS variables?

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What is the function of text-align-last in CSS?

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Which property is used to create an image reflection?

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The text-align property is used to set _______ alignment of a text.

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Which CSS property specifies the painting area of the background?

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Which of these properties is used to make a responsive table?

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The property adds a space between an outline and the border of an element.

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What will be the width of the div element given below? div {
width: 530px;
padding: 24px;
border: 3px solid black;
margin: 0;

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In the below code, in what order will the margin be set? p {
margin: 55px 60px 75px 70px;

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Which is the property that ensures that the outline is visible regardless of color background.

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What is the syntax of the var() function?

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In CSS box-sizing property, width + padding + border is equals to

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The height & width property is set.

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Which of the following property is the shorthand property for flex-direction and flex-wrap?

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Which property specifies a mask layer image and needs a transparent or semi-transparent area?

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The below code is an example of?

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What are the values of height and width?


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