Customer 360 in Salesforce


Generally, any business focuses on its sales, services, and marketing and spend a lot of time managing them. But assume if all are integrated and available in one place. Yes, that is Salesforce Customer 360 for you. Everything, every operation and integrated and can be seen in Salesforce CRM.

What is Customer 360 in Salesforce?

Customer 360 in salesforce is integrating all the data from different clouds and showing it on a single screen. The entire customer data can be accessed across the different clouds easily. It was introduced in 2018 and added a ton of new features in 2019 making the CRM a standout.

Features of Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 contains the following features:

●       Data unification and consent management

Unification of data is a tough deal, although using the Data unification feature in salesforce we can able to maintain the data in a unified model. This is very important when we integrate the entire data from different clouds. Consent management is done greatly in salesforce while saving a record based on the consent of the customer.

●       Advanced audience segmentation

Audience segmentation is very important while we try to market our product. In Salesforce, we can use Advance audience segmentation features to track the customer based on their location, interests, through their browsing on the internet and many other ways.

●       Personalized customer engagement

In salesforce, every activity of the customer or the audience is captured to provide them with the personalized customer engagement and make them feel easy to go further. This makes companies deliver customized services to their customers.

●       Optimization based on Einstein Insights

Einstein Insights is a very powerful tool in salesforce. It uses Artificial intelligence to track the customers or audience in an advanced and optimized way. By this companies can provide advanced services to their customers and make them feel happy.


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