Cybersecurity Interview Questions

Safeguarding sensitive data and essential systems from online threats are known as Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity measures, referred to as IT security, are intended to counter attacks on networking systems and applications, irrespective of the danger arriving within or outside an organization.

The sophisticated security systems brought on by different technologies and a need for more internal expertise increase these expenses. However, businesses that have a thorough cybersecurity plan that is automated utilizing analytics tools, AI, and ML can combat cyber threats more successfully and lessen the impact of attacks when they do happen.

Basic Cybersecurity Interview Questions

  1. Define Cybersecurity.
  2. Define Cryptography.
  3. Differentiate between Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk?
  4. What do you know about Cross-Site Scripting and a way to prevent it?
  5. Differentiate between IDS and IPS?
  6. Define Botnet.
  7. What is a CIA triad?
  8. Differentiate between Diffie Hellman and RSA?
  9. Define DDOS attack and state a way to prevent it.
  10. What is RDP?

Theoretical Questions

  1. Symmetric Vs. Asymmetric encryption.
  2. Differentiate between hashing and encryption?
  3. Define two-factor authentication and how to implement it for public websites.
  4. State the used firewall and how it is implemented.
  5. Differentiate between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing?
  6. Differentiate between stored and reflected XSS?
  7. Define data leakage and its types.
  8. What is the use of a Traceroute?
  9. What is port scanning?
  10. What is the need for DNS monitoring?
  11. State some differences between hashing and salting.
  12. How to prevent a ‘Man-in-the-Middle Attack’?
  13. State some methods of authentication for network security.
  14. Which is more secure, SSL or HTTPS?
  15. Differentiate between black hat, white hat, and grey hat?
  16. What is cognitive security?
  17. Define phishing and state a way to prevent it.
  18. Define SQL injection and state a way to avoid it.
  19. Differentiate between a false positive and a false negative in IDS.
  20. Differentiate between the Red Team and the Blue team?

Scenario-based questions

  1. What do you know about the three-way handshake process?
  2. What are HTTP response codes?
  3. State some techniques used in preventing a Brute Force Attack.
  4. List the common types of cybersecurity attacks.
  5. How to stay updated with the latest cybersecurity news?

Practical questions

  1. What do you know about compliance in Cybersecurity?
  2. What is the use of Patch Management?
  3. Explain System hardening.
  4. What is a cybersecurity risk assessment?
  5. What do you know about the seven layers of the OSI model?
  6. What are the ways to reset or remove the BIOS password?
  7. State the use of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).
  8. How to protect data in transit Vs. Rest?
  9. What are the several indicators of compromise(IOC) that organizations should monitor?


Advance Interview Questions

  1. What is Forward Secrecy, and how does it work?
  2. What is active surveillance?
  3. What is security misconfiguration?
  4. Differentiate between information protection and information assurance?
  5. What do you mean by Chain of Custody?



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