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Mobile device management is a part of enterprise mobility management and aims at securing and control of mobile devices, tablets and other endpoint devices which may pose a threat to corporations as a whole. Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is an important part of MDM. In this article we will discuss the same.

What is Device Enrolment Program (DEP)?

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is an online service that mechanizes the conscription and pattern of Apple OS X and IOS gadgets in an institution’s Mobile device management software. DEP is only accessible for devices that the organization procures through Apple or approved retailers to grant the staff members.

Program Features

On the Apple DEP forum, IT proprietors can set up the device settings, together with what applications and company examines each appliance can access, and put devices to register automatically in the company’s mobile device management tool of selection. It denotes gadgets registered in DEP do not oblige handbook configuration, and clients never have to get on MDM connections to enroll the appliance. It stops customers from selecting out of MDM or eliminating IT administration backgrounds from their gadget.


Steps to Enroll in Apple Deployment Programs

To make use of DEP, the company must initially enroll in the Apple Deployment Program. At that time, IT can build a DEP report at by an email address connected with the corporation and a nine-digit credential code. IT can then relate the DEP account to Apple approved MDM servers and generate admin accounts to deal with the device enrollment. Each gadget is allotted to the server by its consecutive numeral or catalog number, and IT can then allocate each device to a user profile.

Administrators can even automatically assign all upcoming devices to an exact MDM server. As soon as a user starts up the device, Apple gets an alert, which identifies the DEP account and forwards the gadget to the suitable MDM server. The System Assistant on Mac and iOS devices obtains users through the opening process. BYOD programs are not friendly with Apple DEP because it can only be pertained to individual company devices.



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