DevOps Job Description (JD) Sample


The DevOps technique was developed due to the administration of the production, testing, and support activities during a project’s software development. Organizations may handle production, tool deployment, integrated testing, and maintenance with these techniques more rapidly and effectively. They also give the DevOps engineer exclusive control over the critical elements of continuous deployment and integration.

It also provides several technological benefits like continuous delivery, early fault detection and repair, and straightforward project management. Faster delivery, KPI control, and enhanced teamwork are all enormously valuable business advantages. These elements are crucial for a satisfying customer experience.

DevOps engineer combines management and technical responsibilities in their roles and activities. Excellent communication and coordinating abilities are essential for integrating various operations in a coordinated way and completing the tasks to the client’s satisfaction.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • Knowing projects of KPIs and all about customer requirements
  • Implementing various IT infrastructure, production, testing, and automation technologies
  • Organizing the team’s composition, activity, and participation in project management tasks.
  • Managing external links and stakeholders.
  • Setting up the equipment and infrastructure needed.
  • Establishing and defining development, testing, release, update, and support procedures for DevOps operations
  • Possess the technical expertise necessary to examine, confirm, and validate the software code created for the project.
  • Techniques for analyzing and eliminating issues in the code.
  • Monitoring the processes for compliance throughout the whole lifecycle and updating or developing new procedures for improvement and waste reduction
  • Whenever possible, promote and develop automated processes.
  • The identification and implementation of cybersecurity measures through ongoing vulnerability assessment and risk management.
  • Coordinating with one another and communicating with customers.
  • Choosing and implementing the right CI/CD tools.
  • Build a CI/CD pipeline and work toward continuous improvement.
  • Advising and mentoring the group members.
  • KPIs and customer experience are tracked and measured.
  • Coordinating regular updates on the status to the management and the client.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor of Science in computer science, engineering, or a related discipline.
  • Engineering knowledge or customer service experience.
  • Proficiency in creating and engineering applications for big businesses.
  • Coordinating with one another and communicating with customers to choose and implement the right CI/CD tools.
  • Build a CI/CD pipeline (continuous integration, continuous development, and constant deployment) and work toward continuous improvement.
  • KPIs and customer experience are tracked and measured.
  • Coordinating regular updates on the status to the management and the client.

Work hours and Benefits

With 2 to 6 years of experience, DevOps Engineer salaries in India range from 4.2 lakhs to 12.5 lakhs. A person can expect an average yearly income of 6 lakhs based on 46.5k salaries.

In the Hyderabad Area, a DevOps Engineer typically earns $700,000 a year. The additional cash salary for a DevOps Engineer in the Hyderabad Area ranges from 5,350 to 2,45,000, with an average of 1,00,000. The 1046 anonymous salaries given by DevOps Engineer employees in the Hyderabad Area are used to calculate the average wage.


The individual is qualified to apply because the company has posted the requirements for a fresh batch on its official website. The individual can deliver a resume and some requirements for education. The candidate will be eligible for an interview after passing the initial exam. The hiring decision will be sent to the applicant by mail, and following the same additional steps can be taken accordingly.



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