Difference Between C++ and Java


C++ and Java are two fundamental programming languages used for different purposes. There are several differences between the two, details of which are elaborated in this article.

What is C++?

C++ can be thought of a generic programming language that can be customized to support various types of programming such as object-oriented, procedural, and generic. C++ is generally regarded as a middle-level language. This is because it extracts features from both high and low level languages.

What is JAVA?

JAVA, on the other hand, is a high level programming language, that is extremely simple to use and robust. Java functions using the concept of Classes and Objects (OOPL). It was developed by Sun Microsytems in 1991 and James Gosling is regarded as the founding figure of the language. It is platform independent as the JVM operates on byte code which is provided by the Java compiler.

Difference between C++ and Java?

C++ Java
C++ is platform-dependent. Java is platform-independent. Compiled Java code can run on any Java-supported IDE.
C++ finds a lot of use in system programming purposes. Java is mainly used nowadays to develop web-based, mobile, and enterprise applications.
C++ was mainly designed to serve system applications. Therefore, it has extracted a lot from ‘C’. Java was designed to serve the common user and created mainly as an interpreter for printing systems.
C++ supports the GOTO statement. Java does not support the GOTO statement.
C++ supports multiple inheritance. Java does not support multiple inheritance.
C++ supports operator overloading. Java does not support operator overloading.
C++ only uses a compiler. Java uses both a compiler and an interpreter.
C++ supports both call by value and call by reference. Java only supports call by value.
C++ does not support documentation comments. In Java, you can add both single and multi-line comments to your source code.



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