Difference between Edge Computing and IoT

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Preface – This post is part of the Edge Computing series.


Today, there is innovative technology over smart devices, and the world itself is changing as intelligent. There is nothing without edge computing and Internet of things Technology. Both technologies serve essential functions in all and every respect of the work, but they are different. The Internet of things, popularly known as IoT, is a combination of intelligent devices connected to a network for processing a large amount of data. In contrast, edge computing is a strategy of computing over a location near the user to process the data quickly. Latest learn about the critical differences between IoT and edge computing.

What is IoT?

The Internet of things, popularly recognized as IoT, is a process of connecting physical devices to the server to process the data over the network. This whole process does not need any involvement of human resources, and the work continuously repeats in the loop of sending, receiving, and analyzing the data whenever the user requests. It is an intelligent technology that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning in real-time to make the devices autonomous. It’s a time when we can experience self-driving cars and visualize our homes as intelligent homes just because of IoT. Many works of industries, hospitals, government, public, and others have become so simple and competent to handle.

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a form of computing technology where the data source is physically located much closer to the user site for fast and reliable service to get a better user experience whenever in need. Due to this technology, we can resolve the issue of latency and provide better services to users. The resources are able to be distributed over different physical locations, which has helped to scale the centralized infrastructure to meet the need for increasing demand for devices and data.

Difference between Edge Computing and IoT

Sr No.Edge ComputingIoT
1.It is a form of computing where the resources are distributed much closer to the user side.The Internet of things is a network to connect physical devices with each other through sensory technology for data processing.
2.It is a technology that focuses on storing, processing, and analyzing data fastly to the user’s request to avoid latency.In this technology, physical objects are web resources managed by a network.
3.There are many three layers in the architecture of Edge computing that are perception, network, and application layers.There are mainly three notes in the architecture of the Internet of Things: device edge, local edge, and the cloud.


Both the technologies- the Internet of things and computing is different. Still, they combinedly have turned the world of intelligent devices and servers to bring the data and information closer to the user side and resolve many issues. Boudi technologies are so efficient in working together that now it is possible to experience autonomous vehicles, traffic management systems on a device, self-driving cars, smart homes, and smart devices. So we can say that both technologies are complementary technology that depends on each other to provide enormous benefits in every sector.



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