Difference between Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management


More mobile phones are also entering into the corporate world; either as corporate-owned endpoints or part of bringing your personal devices (BYOD) programs. IT administrators are responsible for making sure these gadgets are forever safe. This is where mobile device management and enterprise mobility management help enterprises keep in step with the developing mobile computing market.

MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Mobile Device Management is about remotely managing devices, allowing users to execute certain required tasks on their mobiles and tablets. MDM comprises traits like device provisioning, conscription, device protection and spot tracking. It also assists in wiping the information in case the device is stolen or lost. A basic MDM device has the capacity to impose safety policies, track supply and perform synchronized scrutinizing and reporting.

EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management)

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a set of services and technologies planned to protect business data on staff members’ mobile phones. While it can apparent itself in various techniques, it usually consists of a set of mobile management systems and services that guard intellectual property; particular processes that make sure the protection of data; and systems that must incorporate with an ample variety of venture IT systems to meet a range of corporate apprehensions.

Difference between Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile Device Management

Enterprise Mobility Management

MDM provides your IT department the chance to track, manage, and secure an employee or corporate-owned device EMM allows a business to remotely organize and manage devices through MDM and MAM
Each device and employee usually has a profile that is crafted for them and their exact tasks. An EMM would typically hold another tool, like MDM, under its shelter; this type of solution can control access to corporate apps and websites, as well as the attached information
An MDM solution means a business can constitute Wi-Fi access, as well as install and manage enterprise apps All the different types of mobility management devices can be awesome and puzzling at first glimpse
Smaller package Larger package
MDM is a part of the services provided by EMM All-around solution
Focuses on particular features of the device Focuses on the security and enhancement of the device
Limited to remote access and control of mobile devices to enforce company policy. Covers a wider range of topics and every aspect of mobiles from MDM, MAM, MCM, MIM and MEM.
Every MDM solution is an EMM solution. Not every EMM solution is an MDM solution.
The Primary concern is security of device. Primary concern is security of information.
Covers only limited security of device. Covers every aspect of device in great detail to provide enhanced security.
Need to have a company phone and a personal phone. Can be implemented on own device.


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