Difference between Python and Java


Both Python and Java are widely used programming languages by developers to develop the web application, software’s and is also widely used in AI and data science areas. Both are high-level, object-oriented programing languages.


Python is a dynamically typed, object-oriented programming language i.e the type of variable is checked during run-time, which suits best for rapid application development.  It supports the framework for the smooth development of applications.  Features of python include:

  • Easy to learn, code and maintain.
  • Offers high-level dynamic data type.
  • Supports interactive module for testing and debugging. Even testing and debugging is a lot easier.
  • It can be integrated with other programming languages like Java, C++ and C.


Unlike Python, Java is statically typed, object-oriented and network-centric programming language i.e type to variable is known at compile time. Some of the features of Java are:

  • It is platform-independent that means write it once and run anywhere.
  • It is multithreaded.
  • It is robust in nature. It eliminates the error on compile time and run time.
  • Authentication is based on public-key encryption.

Difference between Python and Java

Key Comparison Python Java
Language type It is dynamically typed language. It is statically typed language.
Compilation It is interpreted language. It is compiled language.
Architecture Interpreter translates source code to machine-independent bytecode. JVM provides a runtime environment to run code and translates bytecode to machine language.
Inheritance Offers single as well as multiple inheritance. Offers multiple inheritance through interfaces.
Structure Uses indentation to separate code blocks. Uses curly braces (e.g.: { }) in beginning and end to define functions and class definitions.
Speed Fast Slow compared to Python
Use Best use for Machine Learning, Data Science etc. Best use for desktop applications, embedded systems etc.
Example print “Python”


Class demo {

Public static void main( String args[] ) {





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