Difference between SQL Server and MySQL


For high-end applications, both MYSQL and SQL Server deliver equivalent speed and performance. Both can host several databases on a single server. To sort data and speed up the performance, they use indexes.

On both the RDBMS and the Windows system, different SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE queries were run and the execution time was recorded. In term It was discovered that SQL Server beats MySQL in terms of response time, it was determined that SQL Server performs better than MySQL. Except for INSERT queries, SQL Server consistently surpassed MySQL in all other test scenarios.

MySQL takes roughly three times as long as SQL Server to execute a SELECT statement with 3000 records.

What is SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that it developed and marketed by Microsoft.

SQL Server, like other relational database management systems, is built on SQL, a common programming language for working with databases. Microsoft’s Transact-SQL, or T-SQL, is linked to an SQL server and adds a set of proprietary programming tools to SQL.

SQL Server has been used exclusively in a Windows environment for more than two decades. In 2016, Microsoft launched it for Linux. SQL Server 2017 became generally available for Windows and Linux in October 2016.

What is MySQL

MySQL is a structured query language-based relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Oracle (SQL).

A database is a collection of data that is organised. It might be anything from a simple grocery list to a photo gallery or a data repository for a large business network. A relational database is a digital storage that collects data and organises it using the relational model. The relationships between data objects are all logically arranged in this architecture’s tables, which are made up of rows and columns. An RDBMS is a collection of software tools that are used to create, manage, and query a database.

Difference between SQL Server vs MySQL

SQL Server MySQL
Microsoft is the company that invented it.

SQL Server is often known as MS SQL Server because it was created by Microsoft.

Oracle Corporation is the company that created it.
Supported operating systems include Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Server, and Microsoft Windows. It was designed exclusively for Windows in the beginning. It is, however, available via Docker on Linux and Mac OSX. However, SQL server on Linux or Mac OS X will be severely limited in terms of capabilities. Smooth support for the operating systems Linux, Solaris, Windows, macOS, and FreeBSD. Almost every popular operating system is supported.
Java, PHP, VB, Delphi, Go, Python, Ruby, C++, and R are among the programming languages supported. It supports all SQL Server-supported programming languages. Perl, Scheme, Eiffel, Tel, and Haskell are among the extra languages supported by MySQL. MySQL is quite popular among developer communities because of this.
The SQL server syntax is simple and straightforward. MySQL syntax is said to be a little complicated.
Its native engine is a single storage engine. Support for multiple storage engines. There’s also the option to use a plug-in storage engine.
Supports row-based filtering, which removes records from a database in a database-specific manner. Allows you to filter numerous rows without having to consider several databases. Furthermore, the filtered data is stored in a separate database for distribution. Allows you to filter tables, rows, and users in several different ways. MySQL, on the other hand, only allows filtering on a per-database basis. As a result, developers must filter database tables one by one using several queries.
The database in SQL Server is not blocked while backing up data. This allows users to finish the backup and data restoration process in less time and with less effort. Extraction of all data as SQL statements can be used to create a backup of the data. The database is blocked during the backup procedure. This reduces the risk of data corruption while switching from one MySQL version to another. However, when many SQL statements are executed, the total time and effort spent on the data restoration procedure increases.
The query execution can be truncated without destroying the entire process. To keep the state constant, it uses a transactional engine. It is impossible to abort or terminate the query execution without also terminating the entire process.
Binary collections are built into both SQL Server and MySQL. SQL server, on the other hand, is more secure than MySQL. It prevents any process from accessing and manipulating database files during runtime. It enables developers to manipulate database files in real time using binaries. Other programmes can also access and alter database files while they’re running.
SQL Server 2017 is available for free in both developer and express editions. The annual subscription for the regular edition is USD 2,000;



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