Differences in ABAP for Interviews

Here, we will discuss all the differences that are being asked in every ABAP Interviews
Local Class Vs Global ClassABAP Differences
Function Module Vs ClassABAP Differences
Instance Method Vs Static MethodABAP Differences
Static Attribute Vs Instance AttributeABAP Differences
Constructor Vs Class ConstructorABAP Differences
Interface Vs Abstract ClassABAP Differences
Call by Value Vs Call by ReferenceABAP Differences
SELECT-OPTIONS Vs ParametersABAP Differences
SAP Memory VS ABAP MemoryABAP Differences
Narrow Casting Vs Wide CastingABAP Differences
Procedural Programming Vs OOPs ABAP Differences
Exception Vs Event HandlerABAP Differences
Append Vs InsertABAP Differences
Domain Vs Data ElementABAP Differences
Check Table Vs Value TableABAP Differences
Data Class Vs Delivery ClassABAP Differences
Static Breakpoint Vs Dynamic BreakpointABAP Differences
Primary Key Vs Foreign KeyABAP Differences
Structure Vs Work AreaABAP Differences
Singleton Vs Static methodABAP Differences
Update function module Vs Regular function moduleABAP Differences
BAPI Vs RFCABAP Differences
User Exits Vs Customer ExitsABAP Differences
BDC Vs BAPI Vs ODataABAP Differences
OOPs VS Function moduleABAP Differences
Refresh Vs clear statementABAP Differences
Cursor Vs Select statementABAP Differences
Open Cursor Vs Fetch CursorABAP Differences
BADI Vs EnhancementABAP Differences
Singleton class Vs Persistent classABAP Differences
Enhancement point Vs Enhancement spotABAP Differences
Web Dynpro ABAP Vs Web Dynpro JavaABAP Differences
SAP Smart Forms Vs SAP ScriptABAP Differences


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