Disadvantages of IT service management (ITSM)

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Before knowing the benefits of ITSM, we must understand how IT service management came into existence. In a nutshell, ITSM is the set of processes that inculcate improvement in the design, formation, and delivery of the company’s products. Here, the main goal is to satisfy the consumers and expand business value.

How could ITSM work without good IT services? In the 1980s, companies began learning about IT services and often employed people who had zero knowledge in this field. With time and advancements, corporations became more open to integrating technology and its services such as server establishments, active directories, private networks, architecting, IT infrastructure, etc. However, everything about IT service management is not beneficial. This concept does come with some drawbacks and disadvantageous factors, which will be discussed below.

What is IT service management (ITSM)?

By definition, ITSM is the management of IT services that aid organizations in designing, producing, and delivering their products to their customers, improving business value and growth.

Disadvantages of IT service management (ITSM)

  • Problems with IT integration: When companies choose to automate processes using ITSM frameworks, there arises a technical issue as they often use processes that are not compatible with modern IT frameworks. In such scenarios, entering the realm of ITSM becomes a bit trickier for those firms as it would attract additional spending on upgrading systems.
  • Lack of support and knowledge: Before having an ITSM environment in the company, it is highly pertinent that companies have adequate support and expertise about ITSM frameworks and other ITSM processes and branches. Without robust support for such processes, companies have various technical problems that can also halt business functions. Businesses should also have support teams for customers who may have any issues after the sales service.
  • Untrustworthy training and certification: Employees recruited to work under the segment of ITSM in companies often need to have a particular ITSM certification. However, the employees get certified from fraudulent organizations or do not accurately certify the individual’s understanding in this segment. This could lead to the hiring of unskilled employees.


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