Docker Job Description (JD) Sample


A highly competent expert who can effectively design containerization technologies and create complicated scalable applications is known as a Docker engineer.

Virtualization is a subset of containerization and one of the most powerful technologies. Is fully accessible containerization solution available today is Docker. Unlike previous techniques, Docker uses application images that ingeniously reuse components of the host OS rather than requiring an operating system for each program. DevOps engineers skilled in Docker are in great demand due to this lean and secure strategy, which is leading to an increase in the use of Docker rather than entire virtual machines to build reproducible and scalable environments.

The candidate will focus on developing, scalability, monitoring, and keeping our container orchestration configuration available for many of our complicated applications.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • Establish and enhance alerts and monitoring.
  • On Kubernetes, create and maintain highly available systems.
  • Manage and implement CI/CD pipelines.
  • Create a system for automatically scaling our Kubernetes nodes.
  • Rotate through the on-call roster.
  • .NET application management and Windows Server migration
  • How to create a flexible and secure network for containers and how networking with containers works
  • Must know How to create an application environment that is secure and compliant in any industry
  • Integrating monitoring and logging technologies with Docker.
  • The applicant must be an authority on containerization and Docker technology.
  • They must be familiar with Kubernetes and other container orchestration tools’ logging and monitoring systems.

Education and Experience

  • IT or computer science bachelor’s or master’s degree or comparable experience
  • 3+ years of expertise using cloud deployment tools like Kubernetes and Docker
  • CI/CD pipeline management expertise.
  • Building an auto-scaling mechanism for Kubernetes node’s experience.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication abilities, with English proficiency that has been demonstrated, and experience maintaining.NET applications to move them off Windows servers.
  • Knowledge in various programming languages, including Shell, Perl, PHP, and BASH.
  • Knowledge of managing and supplying virtual machines.
  • knowledge of using containers as construction items
  • Knowledge of deployment to production environments, configuration, and provisioning

Docker Certification

Build and Deployment Automation Certification or at least 1+ Years of Experience

Build and Deployment Automation Certification or at least 1+ Years of experience

Jenkins Certification

a track record of successfully deploying continuous deployment (CD) to production

10+ years of experience in development

Work hours and Benefits

The position comes with a competitive salary, 100% employer-funded medical and dental insurance, short- and long-term disability insurance, paid membership in a health club, tuition reimbursement, and flexible working hours in a relaxed, open-minded environment. The standard salary package for a fresher aspirant is 8 lakh per anum which can vary with certification. The Experience aspirant can expect a salary package of 12 lakh per anum to 28 lakh per anum, which will change with more or less experience.


The resume must be shared on the company’s official websites, wherever the opening is. Neither company charges any money in the selection procedure, a point to be noticed to be saved from losses. The aspirant must be well prepared and confident for all the rounds.


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