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Edge computing has brought innovation in storage and processing applications. The impact of Edge computing technology can be seen in the business and its cycles that have upgraded the business version over a decade. Even though some services like network bandwidth and scaling are somewhat challenging, cloud latency has progressed and helped a lot. Organizations are shifting to the cloud and making their data management easy with automatic service. They are many benefits of Edge computing in terms of latency, security, reliability, and scaling. There are many live examples of edge computing applications, which are discussed further.

Application of Edge Computing

1. Autonomous

It is a service that is provided in vehicles to make an automatic convoy. The service is held to save fuel and also decrease congestion. With the adaptation of this application, human resources can be neglected or reduced, and vehicles can provide the same service without humans.

For example, The service is top-rated in truck Converse, where drivers are not needed, and the trucks can communicate with each other. The process goes on with the help of the cloud, and the transportation of products or goods becomes cheaper.

2. Video processing

The service has been adopted by many partners through which they have gained a lot of revenue. The most important thing is data streaming or video streaming has become accessible with low latency. The picture quality has also increased, and the user experience has also improved. As the services adapted, the user’s satisfaction has also increased.

For example: while streaming on YouTube, the videos are usually stuck and take many minutes to load, which is irritable and decreases the user experience. But with the adaptation of this application, now the streaming has become easy and provides a smooth flow.

3. Emergency service

In the health sector, emergencies come when patients cannot reach the hospitals on time. But then, the solution to this scenario occurs by equipping the ambulance, which has brought a significant change with the use of 5G Technology. The service generates data where it ensures to provide a fast treatment. Reaching on time can also give doctors more time to save a person’s life and diagnose the problem quickly.

For example, the tools are made with security to process images and voices for understanding the activities and preventing data leakage. It has helped in connecting the patient with multi-specialist hospitals or doctors.

4. Gaming

Earlier gaming has not the same experience as it has with the cloud. Live gaming with your loved ones in another and the world has also become easy. You can also communicate with your friends and take live gaming experiences with the cloud.

For example, the popular game pubg has also utilized the cloud for providing a live gaming experience to its user.


With the use of applications, it has become easier and resolves many scenarios. These applications have been proven as a boom in edge computing. In all the factors, technology and IoT have significantly changed and helped resolve the workloads. It has now become easy to handle server traffic.



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