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by | Dec 4, 2021 | VMware Workspace ONE

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Workspace ONE UEM Powered by AirWatch provides comprehensive security for corporate email infrastructure, and the ability to view corporate data on personal devices provides convenience and improves employee productivity.


Fewer email control options are provided than the on-premises models for many organizations that are moving to cloud-based email services(Google Apps, Office 365) than the on-premises models the enterprise has worked within the recent past. Earlier, the Secure Email Gateway (SEG) would have worked with many aspects of secured email delivery to devices and would have been deployed inside a corporate firewall. Although modern methods such as direct PowerShell integration to an Exchange Server or Office 365 offer simpler connectivity and more flexibility, somewhat less control over email delivery and compliance is offered.

In matters of devices and email clients, the flexibility of choice is offered by Workspace One.

To protect enterprise mail infrastructure, VMware AirWatch Mobile Email Management (MEM) functionalities are enabled by the Workspace ONE UEM Powered by AirWatchSecure Email Gateway V2 (SEG V2). Relay all ActiveSync email traffic to Workspace ONE UEM-enrolled devices by configuring the SEG along with the existing email server. Based on the settings defined in the Workspace ONE UEM console, the SEG filters all communication requests received from individual devices that connect to SEG. Access restrictions based on the device status, Email policies enhance security and general mail client characteristics.

Enterprises are more vulnerable due to a lack of control over what happens to email messages after they reach a device, although this allows a user to choose the client they prefer. In order to address these considerations, multiple methods of connecting email infrastructure to devices are supported by Workspace One.


Managing Email with Workspace ONE UEM

Security and deployment challenges are presented before enterprises, although the ability to view corporate data on personal devices provides convenience and improves productivity. Powered by AirWatch Mobile, Workspace ONE UEM Email Management (MEM) solution provides comprehensive security for the corporate email infrastructure to overcome such challenges.


Although Mobile Email Management offers a lot of advantages, at the same time presents bigger challenges.

  • Across different operating systems, email clients, and device types, provisioning email.
  • Over unsecured networks securing email access
  • From third-party apps, protecting sensitive information
  • From unauthorized, lost, or stolen devices, restricting email access.
  • Preventing email attachments when they are viewed from being lost and disseminated through the third-party reader apps.

Advantages of Mobile Email Management (MEM)

All the key factors that are needed for a successful and secure mobile email deployment are provided by Workspace ONE UEM Powered by AirWatch MEM.

  • SSL security Enforcement
  • Over-the-air email configuration
  • existing unmanaged devices can be discovered
  • Data Loss Prevention(DLP) Settings
  • Unmanaged devices are blocked from accessing Email
  • Only company-approved devices have email access
  • Certificate revocation and Integration


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