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VMware Workspace ONE Boxer New email notifications on both Android and iOS are provided by and Powered by AirWatch Workspace ONE UEM Email Notification Service (ENS2). The service works by sending updates to the end-user devices through Apple or Google’s push notification services and monitoring the Exchange or Office365 back end for email events. The following section provides the steps required to install and configure the ENS2 as a cloud-hosted or on-premises service.


By running in the background, The Workspace ONE Boxer provides notifications about the emails. The Boxer can only run in the background for a limited time due to platform limitations. To dispatch notifications to the user’s device when Boxer is not running, Email Notification Service (ENS2) is the solution.


Notifications that include a badge icon (iOS only) to notify the number of unread emails in the Inbox on the server and the email subject are supported by ENS2. In the Inbox on the server, however, for Android, ENS2 does not support notifying the number of unread emails.

To secure the organization’s email infrastructure, the admin can configure ENS2 with the Secure Email Gateway (SEG) V2.

Note: the ENS version numbering is changed to the YY.MM (Year, Month) format starting with the 21.04 release to align with the rest of the Workspace ONE suite.


ENS2 Architecture

Flow descriptions of ENS2 architecture are:

  1. Public-Key Request – A public key to encrypt the account credentials is requested by the device.
  2. Subscribe – An encrypted payload with credentials is sent by the device and all the necessary information to subscribe and get email notifications.
  3. Push Subscription – Using a webhook URL, ENS authenticates with EWS and subscribes for push notifications. The encrypted credentials are contained by the webhook URL. On the Exchange server, the credentials are now kept encrypted.
  4. New Email Notification –
  • Notification about the mailbox changes is sent by Exchange to the provided webhook URL.
  • A call to fetch emails is prepared, and ENS extracts and decrypts the credentials.
  1. Email Fetch – A fetch for the email details (subject and sender) is performed by ENS required for providing notification.
  2. Push Notification Payload – For delivery to all devices belonging to the user through CNS (ENS on-premises deployments) or SNS (ENS cloud deployments), ENS pushes email details
  3.  iOS or Android devices receive notifications via SNS or CNS: For android devices, SNS or CNS uses Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), and for iOS devices, SNS or CNS uses Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).


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