Enable Certificate-based Email in Workspace ONE

Certain benefits are presented as the certificates provide stronger authentication against unauthorized access by using certificates over the standard username and password credentials. The need for end-users to enter in a password or renew one every month is eliminated. Through S/MIME encryption or prove identity through a message signature to protect sensitive emails between recipients.


  1. Go to Devices, navigate to Profiles & Resources, and click on Profiles.
  2. Click on ADD, navigate to Add Profile and then click on the required platform.
  3. The Credentials profile setting is chosen and configured.

Select any from the available list for Credential Source.

Following choices are available:

Upload – A certificate is uploaded, and provide a name for the certificate.

Defined Certificate Authority – Select the certificate template from the drop-down menu and the CA for the organization group.

For an organization group, the certificate authorities and the templates are added by navigating to Devices, going to Certificates, and clicking on Certificate Authorities.

  1. The settings are saved & Published.


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