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Even if ITSM is information technology industry-centric, it can only be mastered with the perfect mix of people, knowledge, and IT services that align with a company’s long-term and short-term goals. These goals need to fulfill consumer wants as well.

With advancements across all fields and IT, ITSM has a great scope of growth in IT services in the near future. Enterprises can also implement ITSM to handle their internal business functions. But how could that happen, and what future trends can we see for ITSM?

What is ITSM?

Before we begin, let’s recap what IT services management stands for. By definition, ITSM is the management of IT services that aids organizations in designing, producing, and delivering their IT products to their customers, improving business value and growth.

Future trends for ITSM

  • Greater expansion of ITSM automation: Automation occurs when more and more functions and services can be performed without significant human intervention. This may often be seen as a controversial development. However, this is the type of advancement for which every enterprise is preparing. For ITSM, more automation could mean more popularity and implementation across more enterprises. Usage of more IT services is directly proportional to a higher demand for service management.
  • The rise in popularity of knowledge management: Knowledge management is generally creating, implementing, sharing, storing, or managing the information or data created within the bounds of a company. ITSM can be understood as an enabler of the knowledge that gets created. It gives the enterprise access to many advantages such as increased efficiency, better communication, motivation in the workforce, etc.
  • Better customer service and better brand image: With greater automation in the future, innovation in information technology will receive a heavy boost. Some of these innovations could aid improvement in customer service. Systems such as conversational AI and chatbots that help customers with issues smoothen the process of customer service.


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