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An MCQ Quiz for Google Interviewers

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Which part of the sentence has a grammatical error? (A) We have been saying it separately up till (B) now, but we thought it would be ( C ) better if we spoke in one voice.

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Select the synonym of the word which is bold. Before I could expostulate, he had spoken again.

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Choose the alternative to the bold part of the sentence. People working in high positions in companies tend to shift their work burden by delegating tasks to their subordinates.

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Complete the sentence. I ________ been regularly exercising for quite a few days more.

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Which part of the sentence has a grammatical error? (A) These decision provides (B) firm ground for all players in ( C ) the equality rights arena.

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Complete the sentence. _________ the shirt was washed twice. Still, he refused to wear it.

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Choose the alternative to the bold part of the sentence. She has lived in Chennai since she was eight.

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Select the word which is opposite the word bold. The boy found himself in a pathetic situation.

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Choose the antonym for DELETE.

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Read the statement and decide what it is. The painting made by John Nelson during the war is one of the most beautiful paintings in the world.

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Choose the correct alternative. Cup is to coffee as the bowl is to ____.

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All children are not greedy' is an example of which proposition?

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Complete the analogy. GJMP : MPSV :: HKNQ : ?

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In a certain language, CAP is coded as 61; how will PEN be coded?

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Sarika said, " Ritesh is my only mother's only son and father of Jaya's only daughter Sonal." How is sonal related to Sarika?

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A boy walks 12 kms towards the east. He turns 90° clockwise and walks 20kms, then he turns right and walks for 33kms. How far is he from starting point?

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One morning after sunrise, Joe was standing facing a pole. The shadow of the pole fell exactly to his right. To which direction was he facing?

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Identify the argument under which instantiate propositions are inferable from universal propositions.

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Introducing a girl, a boy said, "She is the daughter of the mother of the daughter of my aunt" How is the girl related to the boy?

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In the certain code language, HEART is written as FGYTR. How is MOUSE written in that code?

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If the mean of four observations is 20 and when a constant c is added to each observation, the mean becomes 22. The value of c is

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The median of 0,2,2,2,-3,5,-1,5,5,-3,6,6,5,6 is

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How many numbers can be formed by using all the digits 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 so that the odd digits always occupy the old places

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The foot of the perpendicular from the point (7, 14, 5) to the plane 2x+4y-z=2 is

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The rank of the unit matrix of order n is

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The angle between the planes 2x-y+z=6 and x+y+2z=7 is

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If A is skew-symmetric, then A³ is

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If Rs 516 be divided among A, B, and C so that A receives 25% more than B and B receives 25% less than C, then C's share is

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If 2x = 3y = 4z, then x:y:z =?

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Forty men can build a wall 20m high in 15 days. The number of men required o build a similar wall 25m high in 6 days will be

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