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Idea generation and Documentation

The history of AWS started in 2003 when Chris Pinkham and Benjamin Black presented the idea of AWS in a paper in which they discussed the concept of how the amazon infrastructure should look like. Lisa had a planned discussion over the services and the business cases in the documentation form. Then in 2004, after one year, a simple queue service was officially launched in South Africa. The feedback on the service was pretty good, which effect the officially launched of AWS in 2006. The launch of AWS and its services was a boom change in the market of cloud computing, Big data, and storage part. At the time, Amazon was much skilled with the speed of the functioning of various recommendations that were put by and Leader engineer of that time, due to which some of the decisions were removed, and continuous deployment was done to increase the efficiency of the product. Even before the official launch of the Web services, there was a lot of work done around the 2002 to 2004 span in which a hundred applications were built and what target to make the services in the top list. It was Colin Bryar who managed the benefits and also worked to enhance the number of applications.


Launching Services

Then Andy Jassy took the responsibility of the Bryar and worked on the speed of the application in deploying the result. After that, Jeff Barr, who was an app Amazon employee, evolved the idea of building EC2 and S3 services which also came as the best technology for the output after making. According to Brewster, the co-founder of Alexa was also acquired by Amazon, which was utilized in solving the problem of big data. In 2006 Amazon cloud storage and easy-to services were officially launched, and after that, up to 2010, the work was done to build it more productive. But the launch of the two services came up with an unexpected result as they became popular among the public due to their safety and security that can store large amounts of data. After this, the development of the services had not always stopped. The new services were documented and added to the Web services, which made it more popular day by day, and now it is the top web service in the world. AWS has also launched its network partners as APN, which has focused on growing the company’s success rate and had great revenue generation. AWS has got an increase in its profit by 2021 with the cell rate of dollar 1.57 billion in the first quarter of the year, and then it increases more by $1.75 dollar to $265 million of operating income.

AWS Network Program


In 2006 Amazon had great success, with 150 thousand developers signed up for the services. Then in 2013, Amazon was awarded a great contract of 600 million dollars. In 2017 AWS and DXC Technology announced to increase in the access features among the existing customers. Then in 2021, they announced the launch of the 5G network on AWS. This was the successful journey of AWS from the documentation process to becoming a leading web service in the world in terms of cloud computing.

AWS Success


This article is a complete road map of AWS entering the global cloud market and becoming the world’s leading cloud provider. This article has covered the generation of AWS ideas, then documentation, releasing the idea in the market and working to make AWS better day by day.


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