History of Cloud Computing

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This is the introduction to the history of cloud computing, and how it emerged and evolved in a short period. We will also discuss how with the help of easy access of various services, it gained popularity among people and organizations.

Digital cloud computing technology background

How did Cloud come into existence?

Before cloud computing came into picture, some servers used to work as a centralized storage for applications and services that people needed and all the controls were on the server-side. If someone needed the access of these services and software, then they were required to connect to these centralized servers and then only they were able to connect and access.

The drawback of these centralized servers included very high usage. Due to which they were costly, and needed regular monitoring, and updates. Also if the server got corrupted, the recovery was expensive.

But after servers, Dispersed computing emerged where all the computing assets or services were connected and shared with the same services when needed.

Then in 1961, John McCarty proposed that computing as a service can also be sold just like electricity and education.

In the course of time, this idea slowly started to get implemented in a few organizations like:

  • In the middle of 1999, Salesforce.com came into the market by marketing or selling applications through a simple website. It started bringing services & applications via the internet.
  • In 2002, Amazon started Amazon web services named AWS which started dealing with resources like computing, storage, memory and Artificial Intelligence.
  • In 2009, Goggle also established cloud services and applications.
  • And at this time, all big Corporations (for instance:- Microsoft begins Azure and other organizations like IBM, Alibaba, Oracle, HP, etc.) have launched their cloud services, and thus it has become very popular and essential.
  • Instead of building out physical infrastructure from scratch to allow more customers.
  • Companies have started using shared resources that scaled automatically to meet business needs.

Thus cloud evolved and gain popularity because of its services and high security.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Features

1) The foremost gain of cloud computing is the Pay-As-You-Go charges for the offerings. Due to this there is no fear of advance fees and maintenance anymore.

2) We can retrieve records from any device.

3) It is less complicated to get a backup of our records.

4) Cloud gives enhance protection capabilities and makes certain that your records are secure over the cloud.

5) It has tremendous participation, letting us collaborate statistics all over the cloud.


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