History of Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure is the cloud service that provides Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and also various tools and frameworks. It supports many coding languages. It came to notice in the market of cloud computing in 2008 when as an external project, it was announced. But Microsoft Azure became famous in 2014. In this article, we will have a look at the history of Microsoft Azure and how it becomes successful as a cloud provider. Also, the article includes the service’s failure, successful steps, and the journey of becoming the top second cloud provider.

Generation of ideas and launch

Dave Cutler was the lead developer of Microsoft Azure. In 2008, the Windows Azure platform was announced and upgraded by 2009 when the platform could also support different programming languages such as PHP, Java, CDN CTP, and SQL as a relational database.

Finally, in 2010 the windows platform was commercially available with the update of operating system versioning, .net framework, and SQL update. Then the update was not stopped in the journey and continued to increase supporting programming languages, due to which in 2015, the azure cloud can also switch to the cross-platform Linux distribution, which is known as Sonic in the modern era. Then in 2017, some work was done on its interfaces, such as the logo and manifesto. In 2018 the platform joined the Linux group and was also open to various networks. With the advancement, azure services get available in dark steps in 2019.


At each step and every year, the Microsoft Azure Cloud service gets updates and works to provide the best of services to its customers. But still, Microsoft was lacking in significant success. Then soon, the COVID 19 pandemic proved to be fruitful for the success of azure cloud in which the usage of the services increased by 75% in Italy. After which, the organization announced an estimated user of 44 million in the world. Now Microsoft Azure has become the second most famous cloud provider in the list of the world’s top cloud providers. They also provide a free tier account for experiencing the services wisely for your project or organization and saving money by neglecting unwanted services.


The above information declares the complete road map of Microsoft Azure services, starting from the idea generation and its announcement to working over its update and becoming a successful cloud provider. In the meanwhile, the company has also experienced many downfalls due to failures of its services such as; in 2015, and the organization faced active directory issues; in 2017, the storage tier and fire system glitch became a great issue, and in 2018 the cooling system failed due to which the north Europe region faces 11 hours of downfall, in 2021 DNS issues affect the many services worldwide. Even after all the challenging failures, the organization stands again, provides the best services at the doorstep, and has become a popular cloud provider after Amazon web services.



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