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Preface – This post is part of the Yandex Cloud series.


The Yandex Cloud was founded by a Russian company named Yandex. They launched this service platform in 2009. They thought this platform would provide services to small, medium, and big companies for their betterment and upliftment. They have found this service to make the company work easy and help them find the solutions to their problem through the products and resources of the Yandex cloud. It has grown vast in past years and has 19000 users daily. In this article, we will learn about the complete roadmap of Yandex cloud to a successful cloud platform in the market.

Idea generation and documentation

A Russian company founded Yandex Cloud in 1997 but launch in the market in 2006. Their Idea to form this Russian-based Yandex cloud was to make the company aware of the things and to help them with consumer-to-business, e-commerce, retail, business, and technology. So, that is why this Idea came to their mind: to find the platform in which they could help companies through different modes to resolve their problems, which can be either business-to-business, consumer-to-consumer, or business-to-consumer. This has been set up by them so that companies can get their business solutions and make more and more profits. Yandex Cloud has become a growing platform in the valuation market.

Services and Roadmap

There are a lot of services that a provided by the Yandex cloud platform. Some of the best services that are offered such as compute cloud, cloud interconnect, storage, API gateways, application load balancer, Postgres SQL, data transfer, Kubernetes, containers, key Management service for maintaining security, lockbox, data sphere, speech kit, data translate and many more. Yandex cloud started in 1997, but in 2006 it was the first to be recognized in the market. 50+ Russian and international companies have joined this cloud platform. Starting from 2007 when it made its space in Russia for providing network service and then traffic monitoring in 2008. In 2011 the company announced and launched a search engine. In 2018 the company got success in developing a B2C eCommerce platform. 2021 was a year to work on servers and make some investments in constructing a new plant to produce vital data storage and gateways. The company increased its net income by $17 million from all the development and services launched.


Yandex cloud becomes capable of developing good services, solutions, and products along with an easy-to-use user interface. The success rate we can see from revenue generated by the company in 2021, which was $4.94 billion, managed to generate $5.12 billion in operating income. There are offices in 10 different countries and it is capable of holding its space in the market of those countries. In December 2021, the company could add a new location in Prague, which would help them expand some services. By Jan 2022, it has also increased its users by growing games sessions and catalogs on its platform within one month.


So, we can conclude that the Yandex cloud has been set up to provide the company with the services they can easily handle and store their data. There are equal success rates and failures where Yandex cloud fails in security at one time as the data was illegally leaked and made a significant loss. Then from this failure, it grows back and provides strong key management. It provides the users with which they can access to the data and resources of the Yandex cloud for their company work.


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