How to be a good Java Developer

In today’s world, where technology sees nothing less than exponential growth in every field, the ability to code efficiently goes a long way to prove your mettle in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Java has come out to be one of the most popular object-oriented languages currently and good Java developers also have excellent career prospects moving forward. Keeping these in mind, you can also become a good developer in no time if you religiously follow the points mentioned below:

  1. Develop a strong background in Java – If you do not have a strong fundamental understanding of the language, it will become increasingly difficult to code complex applications and applets. With the advent of online learning, it has become all the easier to brush up on concepts you feel a little more work needs to be done. Some key concepts that you must know include Java 8, Spring Framework, Unit Testing, DevOps Tools, Microservices, Design Patterns, and good grasp over IDEs.
  2. Go through Open-Source Frameworks Source Code and Documentation frequently – It is a very good practice to be aware of current trends in Java. Documentation is a very important part of code readability and you must know how to document properly.
  3. Always develop the habit of implementing your logic on your IDE. Keep your fingers running all the time. This will help you develop coding fluency.
  4. Engage in critical discussions relating to Java and try to read good books. You should also network with good Java developers in social events and try to understand how they work and think when formulating code.
  5. Subscribe to online hubs and forums. Try answering questions of people stuck on non-functional code.
  6. Always be enthusiastic to undertake new coding projects. Every project is a learning experience.


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