How to Become a Cloud Engineer?

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For many reasons, becoming a cloud professional can be helpful, as there is great demand for it. Many organizations are moving towards cloud technology because of its good services such as Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, on-demand service, global in minutes, Virtualization, and much more.

A Cloud Engineer is responsible for all the technical aspects of cloud computing, like planning and design, maintenance, and support. There are many positions in cloud engineering, and all focus on a specific type of cloud computing rather than technology. Some cloud developers constantly innovate new ideas and implementations on the cloud.

Steps to become a Cloud Engineer

1. Take a Computer Science course in higher studies

Taking admission in computer science is the first and mandatory step in becoming a cloud engineer. After entry in the first year, focus on core subjects like computer fundamentals and programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Web technologies, etc. Also, a bachelor’s degree in computer science prepares you for advanced degrees if you choose to pursue them.

2. Study for cloud computing & get certificates

Learn about the most popular cloud services in-depth and have good knowledge about various features, service models, and how it works. Some popular cloud services include AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and GCP (Google Cloud platform). Many certifications courses are available on Coursera, Udemy, Great learning, and the AWS platform itself.

Getting cloud computing certifications can help you to show your skill level for becoming a cloud engineer. Also, there are certificate examinations conducted by Azure, a test we have to give. And after securing good marks in the test they provide us the certificate which has enormous value in IT sector for jobs.

3. Gain Relevant experience

Cloud computing experiences can be gained through internships and participating in open-source projects. These may help you build a portfolio of work that you can use to show your expertise in future job interviews. Corporate world experience will help you understand how things work and teach you valuable skills.

4. Pursue Masters Degree (Optional)

Pursuing a master’s degree will complement applying for jobs in Big organizations. For example, a master’s degree in software engineering or systems engineering can help you develop more of these technical skills and expertise.

5. Apply for jobs

After gaining enough experience in the field, you can start applying for jobs in cloud engineering roles. You can apply for these jobs via the company website, LinkedIn Carrer portal, or through referrals.

Major Cloud computing Roles & Salary

1. Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud Security Engineers identify threat simulations and penetration tests to identify and detect possible risks. They also ensure that all the applications are maintained with multi-factor authentication to the computing environment and core infrastructure. The median salary offer in these roles is $120,120.

2. Cloud Architect

This role is responsible for designing and developing advanced cloud-based solutions for organizations migrating their existing workloads and infrastructure to the AWS cloud. The salary of a Cloud architect is between ₹ 9.0 Lakhs to ₹ 38.0 Lakhs.

3. Cloud Network Engineer

Cloud network engineers concentrate on migrating functions and networks to private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. They ensure the cloud network is awake to user demands and Implement effective security strategies on cloud networks. The salary offered to Network Engineers is between ₹ 4.5 Lakhs to ₹ 28.9 Lakhs.

4. Cloud Automation Engineer

The Cloud Automation Engineer’s responsibilities include the designing part of the service- automation, towards Infrastructure-as-code. Also, execute automation in support of other technology domains. The salary offered here is between ₹ 5 Lakhs to ₹ 33 Lakhs.

5. Cloud Administrator

The role of the Cloud Administrator is to manage software and hardware related to using cloud-based services. With 4-9 years of experience, earns an average salary of ₹7.7 Lakhs per anum.


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