How to Become a Salesforce Administrator?

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Since you’re here I’m guessing you want to take the next step and grow into a Salesforce Admin. This article is here just for that, to help you secure that role and ace at it. You can start the journey towards your goal by giving this article a read.

What does it take to become a Salesforce Administrator?

You may think you need to know coding to obtain this role but despite being a tech-based job you require no coding to get this job done, which makes it even more effortless to transition from a non-IT background into the role of a Salesforce Admin.

A few skills that any one of us can possess make us the perfect fit for the role. Here are some of those skills that you may be the proud owner of.

  • Problem-Solver
  • Logical Thinking
  • Developer Mindset
  • Business Analysis Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Industry Skills
  • Trouble-shooter

Desirable Skills for Salesforce Administrators

Here are some basic skills that are going to help you bag that role.

Salesforce Skills

This may seem pretty obvious but it definitely deserves to be on top of the list. Knowing how to navigate Salesforce and getting things done is crucial. You’ll need to learn and master User Management, Security, Data Management, Dashboards, and more to get closer to your goal.

Leadership and Communication Skills

In a role that requires you to wear many hats, communication and leadership are key. You’ll be training users, creating guides for them and listening to their queries and requirements, and finding solutions.

Technical Skills

To be an effective Salesforce Admin you will need to be able to communicate confidently with stakeholders and users and to do so you will need to grow your proficiency in areas such as database management, APIs, and security, to name a few.

Business Analysis Skills

The foundation to being a great Salesforce Admin is to understand what your users and stakeholders require and bring it to fruition. Understanding your company’s business processes and building solutions to improve them and build upon them is vital.

Industry Skills

Every industry has different business goals, rules, regulations, customers, and requirements. To ace as an Admin knowing what is distinctive with regards to the industry you’re eyeing is essential wisdom. You wouldn’t be able to fulfill your role as an Admin to the best of your ability unless you have an understanding of how the industry works.

How Long Does It Take to Get Salesforce Certified?

Depending on the number of hours you can put in per week and any prior experience you have in a CRM, you can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a couple of months to be certified. It wholly depends on how much time you have in hand and your commitment to getting the certification done.

It can’t get any easier than this, with Trailhead you can do your studying anywhere, anytime, all you require is a dedication to show up and learn. Practice makes perfect, learn using the Trailhead website, complete Hands-on-Challenges, and quizzes, and move closer to being certified. Salesforce recommends candidates have 6 or more months of experience as a Salesforce Administrator before applying for the Certification Exam.

How to Become a Salesforce Administrator? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Step 1: Get on Trailhead

Visit Trailhead. Sign up, and start learning! The best part of your Salesforce Journey is that you’re constantly learning and updating yourself. Follow along the trails and trail mixes, and complete hands-on challenges and quizzes to earn points on Trailhead to be a step closer to the role.

You could either do this on your own or seek the guidance of centers near you that offer Salesforce training.

Step 2: Practice and Explore

Commit to it and put in the hours. Explore, play with the settings, try out a new feature,s and more on your Salesforce Playground.

Learn from other resources too, read blogs, watch videos, and network. As a bonus, I’ve included my favorite trailmix here for you.

This Trailmix can act as a guide while you prepare for your Salesforce Administrator Certification.

Step 3: Let’s get Certified

If you followed the trailmix that was mentioned in the 2nd step you’re almost there and you know what to do! Or jump right ahead and view the Exam Guide. You have 105 minutes to complete 60 multiple-choice questions and 5 non-scored questions. You can either have the Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment according to your convenience.


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