How to Connect and Contribute to the AppExchange Community


We’ve come quite far, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an entire community rooting for us, peers to share our views and learn from, someone to answer questions, and a place where we can give back?

Salesforce has a resolution for that. By the end of this read, you’ll know how to connect with AppExchange. In addition to that, you’ll know how to get AppExchange Support, how to manage your solutions on AppExchange, and the steps to be taken to write a review for a solution on the AppExchange.

How to Connect with AppExchange

Now that we’re on AppExchange and a Trailblazer, how do we stay in touch and connect with fellow Trailblazers to make the most of our journey here? Trailblazer Community was made just for that!

The Trailblazer Community by Salesforce helps Trailblazers learn, connect and give back together.

Visit Trailblazer Community Group Meetings to join groups to meet and collaborate with Trailblazers based on location, role, or interests.

Click here to visit the Trailblazer Community Feed. There’s so much to do here:

  • Find groups relevant to you. Visit All About AppExchange, a group, to share information about apps and consultants on the AppExchange.
  • Post Questions you need answers to.
  • Post answers to questions by your peers you have an answer to.

How to Get AppExchange Support

Salesforce Support supports the bulk of the issues involving installation and uninstallation of packages, but what do we do if you require troubleshooting for third-party apps, packages, or programs? This is where things get interesting. Troubleshooting support for third-party apps isn’t provided by Salesforce Support unless specifically stated in the Overview tab of the app’s listing on the AppExchange. We can take two routes from here.

  • If the app is listed on the AppExchange – You can find the support team’s contact details in the Overview tab or at the very end of the app’s listing page.
  • If the app isn’t listed on the AppExchange – Get in touch with the organization that provided the application.

NOTE: If you’re facing issues with Salesforce Labs apps, visit the Success Community Answer Board and post your questions to get help from other app users.

How to Manage Your Solutions in AppExchange

Let’s say we have a couple of solutions from the AppExchange in various orgs that we are in charge of, how do we keep track of all this? We don’t even have to visit the org! Let me show you how to find all your solutions in AppExchange in a few simple steps.

1. Log in to the AppExchange.

2. Click on your Profile Icon (1) on the top-right corner of AppExchange and select My Installs & Subscriptions (2).

3. You’ll be directed to – All My Installs and Subscriptions.

Here we can view listings in a particular org by using the drop-down menu, Viewing As (1), and Filter (2) our search based on Updates Available, Free Installs, Paid Installs, Active Subscriptions, and more. Here we can see all the Solutions (3) in my org.

How to write a Review on AppExchange

If there’s an app in your org that makes your life easier and you find it an indispensable part of your org, the easiest way you can thank the app developer is by writing a review in the AppExchange. Reviews help other customers find apps that will help them sort out their business needs while providing the app the visibility it deserves. Here’s how to write a review on the AppExchange.

1. Log in to the AppExchange.

2. Find the app that you want to review.

3. Navigate to the Reviews (1) tab in the App listing and select Write a Review (2).

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4. Now, all you’ve got to do is write a fair and honest review in the given space with a descriptive title and provide as many details as possible. It’s that easy!

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