How to get your money back from Zoom Car – 100% Working

Hi guys,

Many of you have reported the issue that zoom car has not refunded your security money. The same thing happened with me too. I have written mails, raised tickets, contacted them via tweeter but nothing worked.

Anyhow, after putting a lot of efforts online, I was able to get mine using one working way.

This helped me to get 100% amount back. I had four security deposits of total almost 28,000 INR.

Let us see what all you can do to get your money back:


Call the customer care at ‎+91 80 6897 6666 and choose accident option and enter vehicle number as 8253. It will connect. Be polite and tell them your issue. They will ask for maximum two days. And will send payment link in form of sms.

Note: In case this vehicle number is not accepted then use the one from your old transactions.

Step 02: Check your sms


Step 03: Open the link and Enter your UPI details


Step 04: You will get your money back

In case above steps did not work, you can try these too:

Step 1:

Send emails to and ask for refund. Write specific details of date of booking, cancellation, last date of refund as per policy days (it will be mentioned in the booking email – before July 2020 it was 15 working days and now it is 30 working days, as I was told)

Step 2:

They will reply with nonsensical replies from a script and ask for more time, reply by asking the specific time for resolution in days and not ‘at the earliest’ or ‘soon’.

Step 3:

Keep sending emails and when they have overshoot the timeline mentioned, it means they are cheating and you should hold them responsible for cheating, mental harassment, time lost behind our own money deposited as security months ago.

Step 4:

Ask for specific timelines for refund. Keep call recordings

Step 5:

Escalate on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – more eyeballs and we get better at this.

Step 6:

If none of the methods mentioned above have worked for you then join the given whatsApp group, it is created to help guys like you:

This is a whatsApp group of people with whom Zoom Car did this fraud, please join so that we can file a strong PIL against these frauds.

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