How to Integrate ChatGPT in C++

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Preface – This post is part of the ChatGPT series.

To integrate ChatGPT in C++, you can use the open-source GPT-3 C++ library provided by OpenAI. This library allows you to easily access the GPT-3 API from within your C++ code, allowing you to integrate GPT-3 functionality into your C++ applications.

Here is an example of how to use the GPT-3 C++ library to integrate GPT-3 into a C++ application:

// Import the GPT-3 C++ library
#include "openai/api/client.h"
int main() {
  // Set up the GPT-3 API client
  openai::CompletionClient client("<your_api_key>");
  // Use the GPT-3 API client to generate text
  openai::Completion response = client.CreateCompletion(
      "Hello, world!",
  // Print the generated text
  std::cout << response.choices[0].text << std::endl;

You can also visit the GPT-3 C++ library’s documentation page for more information and additional examples:


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