How to Integrate ChatGPT in WordPress

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Preface – This post is part of the ChatGPT series.


To integrate ChatGPT in WordPress, you can use the open-source GPT-3 PHP library provided by OpenAI. This library allows you to easily access the GPT-3 API from within your PHP code, allowing you to integrate GPT-3 functionality into your WordPress plugins and themes.

Using the Official PHP Plugin

Here is an example of how to use the GPT-3 PHP library to integrate GPT-3 into a WordPress plugin:

Plugin Name: My GPT-3 Plugin
Description: An example plugin that uses GPT-3 to generate text.
// Import the GPT-3 PHP library
require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
use OpenAI\Client;
function my_gpt3_plugin_generate_text() {
  // Set up the GPT-3 API client
  $openai = new Client(getenv('OPENAI_SECRET'));
  // Use the GPT-3 API client to generate text
  $response = $openai->completions()->create([
      'engine' => 'davinci',
      'prompt' => 'Hello, world!',
      'temperature' => 0.5,
      'max_tokens' => 1024,
      'top_p' => 1,
      'frequency_penalty' => 0,
      'presence_penalty' => 0
  // Return the generated text
  return $response->get('choices')[0]['text'];
// Register a shortcode that uses the GPT-3 plugin to generate text
add_shortcode('my_gpt3_plugin', 'my_gpt3_plugin_

Using Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress has a lot of free plugins for you to integrate with ChatGPT and perform various actions; some are mentioned below:

AI Mojo – GPT-3 Playground for WordPress

AI Mojo – GPT-3 Playground for WordPress

This is a great automation plugin to create content for your website. It is error and plagiarism free. Download from here.

GPT3-AI Content Generator

GPT3-AI Content Generator

This is a unique plugin to generate multi-lingual content, including English, Spanish, Dutch, and German. Download from here.

AI content and AI image Creation – Bertha AI

AI content and AI image Creation – Bertha AI

A plugin to create images as well as content for your WordPress website. Download from here.


ChatGPT is a developing tool by OpenAI. We recommend utilizing its features as it evolves. We do believe that very soon, more AI-based plugins will be available in the WordPress Market.


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