How to Query Event Log Files in Salesforce


The first step towards mastering event monitoring would be to acquaint ourselves with querying the event log files. We can use two tools for that:

  • Salesforce Event Log File (ELF) Browser
  • Salesforce Developer Console

Salesforce Event Log File (ELF) Browser

This Salesforce-connected web app allows immediate access to event log files with absolutely no code involved.

  1. Access the ELF Browser App by clicking this link:
  2. Click Production Login.
  3. Enter the Username and Password of your Trailhead Playground to log in.
  4. Select a Date Range.
  5. Select an Event Type or leave it as All.
  6. Click Apply.

That’s it! You should be looking at the Event Log File of your org.

Developer Console

It is an integrated development environment (IDE).

An IDE is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities for software development. Typically, an IDE helps increase developer productivity by combining software building, editing, testing, and packaging facilities in an easy-to-use application.

The Developer Console includes a compilation of tools that can be used to create, debug, and test applications in our Salesforce org.

Follow along to learn how to query event log files using the Developer Console:

1. Click on the gear icon  ( The quick access menu icon ) in the top-right corner of your org.

2. Click Developer Console.

3. From the File dropdown list on the top-left corner, click Open.

4. For Entity Type, click Objects.

5. For Entities, select EventLogFile.

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6. Click Open.

7. Let’s select the fields we want to view by entering the following SOQL Query in the Query Editor:

8. Click Execute.

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