HP Interview Questions

A leader in the IT industry, HP Inc. is famous for its printers and desktop computers. Following the partition of the original Hewlett-Packard Company’s corporate goods and business facilities divisions from its personal computer and printer divisions, the current business was established in 2015. As a result of the reorganization, HP Inc. was formed, keeping HP’s old stock ticker sign and price history. In contrast, the newly formed HP Enterprise became a separate publicly traded business.

Basic questions

  1. Can there be an immutable inner class in a class?
  2. What do you understand by memory loss problems?
  3. Which directory/process is in charge of the kernel decompression during start-up?
  4. A 100-element array contains unique integers between 1 and 99, none repeated. Find the repeated number with the least amount of area and time complexity.
  5. Give a Windows system illustration of a circular linked list.
  6. Why is OOP beneficial?
  7. How do virtual functions work?
  8. What exactly does polymorphism mean?
  9. Tell me about the virtual property.
  10. What distinguishes unity from a structure?
  11. Give an instance of a tower in the present.
  12. Write pseudo-code to enable inter-processor contact.
  13. What justifies the stacking of local variables?

Theoretical Questions

  1. Describe a few benefits of switch-case over if else.
  2. Why are threads necessary?
  3. State different memory types in C.
  4. Create software to sort an array of data. Which classification will you favor?
  5. What is the service’s temporal complexity?
  6. Create an Overriding application.
  7. Instant polymorphism: What is it?
  8. In what location are the global values kept?
  9. What makes a semaphore and a mutex different from one another?
  10. Why is contact between processes necessary?
  11. Describe the idea of a memory overflow for me.
  12. Can you explain the concept behind ER diagrams?
  13. Describe the functions that entities and relationships have in an ER map.
  14. The distinction between a procedure and a thread.
  15. Define realloc() with an example.

Scenario Questions

  1. What is your five years goal?
  2. Who are HP’s primary rivals?
  3. What goals does HP have for the upcoming year?
  4. Do you know who our firm’s President is?
  5. Describe a moment when you delivered excellent customer service.
  6. Please provide an instance where you had to make a tough choice. What happened as a result?
  7. Please provide an example of a moment when you collaborated with a team to overcome a challenge.
  8. How will you tackle problems coming in software?
  9. What will you do if your teammate faces any hardware issues?
  10. If two team members of your team do not agree with each other and the team is not able to conclude a decision, what will you do?

Practical questions

  1. WAP a stack with ascending order.
  2. WAP is a mini camera protocol using OpenCV.
  3. WAP fibonicci series.
  4. WAP linked list and search for an element.
  5. WAP binary search in the array.
  6. WAP to find the second most significant element in the database through SQL.
  7. WAP to draw any of your favorite patterns.

HR Interview Questions

  1. Briefly describe yourself to me.
  2. What are your advantages and disadvantages?
  3. Why ought we to employ you?
  4. Have you got any inquiries for us?
  5. In which area of the HP written exam did you perform well?
  6. How come you want to work for HP?



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