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In this article we will go through all the Important HTML tags once. Once you are familiar with the competency of HTML and its tags, then it will be easier for you to implement them according to your requirement.

Important tags in HTML

Although we have almost 100 tags in HTML, but there are certain that are used on daily basis and are the most common.

<img>It is used to add Image<img src=”your_image_source”>
<h1>-<h6>It is used to add heading<h1>Your main title</h1>

<h2>Your top-level heading</h2>

<h3>Your subheading</h3>

<h4>Your sub-subheading</h4>

<p>It is used to add paragraph<p> Add your paragraph here </p>
<a>It is used to add link<a href=“your_link>Text to be clicked</a>
<div>It is used to add a division or a section<div> Other HTML elements </div>
<br>It is used to add a line break<br>
<b> or <strong>It is used to make a text bold<b> India </b>

or <strong> Germany </b>

<!– Comment–>


It is used to add comments in HTML<!–Comment section–>
<link>It is used to add links of external source content<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”style.css”>
<table> It is used to add a table

Here <tr> adds a row and <td> adds a column



<td>Column 1</td>



<form>It is used to add html form<form>

User Name: <input name=”Name” value=””>


<input>It is used to take input from the userUser Name: <input name=”Name” value=””>
<script>It is used to add a client client-side script (JavaScript)

Note: It can be both an internal JS file stored at same host or any external api.

Internal Script:

<script src=”myScript.js”/>

External Script:

<script src=””>



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