A website is incomplete without a list. Many times a developer needs to something either in a bullet list or in a numbered list. In this article we will learn both of the HTML lists and how to implement them in our code.

Lists in HTML

In Hypertext Markup Language, we have primarily two types of Lists: Unordered and Ordered List. Apart from this HTML also provides a description list.

The list points within any of these lists are mentioned within the HTML tags <li></li>.

Unordered List

Many times, it is required to print some bullet points within a paragraph. These bullet points are called an unordered list in HTML. This can be easily understood by given syntax and example:


Unordered List Syntax


Unordered List Example


Unordered List Output

Ordered List

The above mentioned list can also be displayed in numbers in place of bullets. These numbers will be in order and hence termed as an ordered list in HTML.


Ordered List Syntax


Ordered List Example


Ordered List Output

HTML Description Lists

The above mentioned list can also be displayed with a description. These list will be with a description and hence termed as a Description list.


HTML Description Lists Syntax


HTML Description Lists Example


HTML Description Lists Output



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