IBM Interview Questions

With operations in 170+ countries, IBM is an American multinational innovation company based in Armonk, New York. The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Corporation (CTR), under which the company was founded in 1911, changed its name to “Universal Business Machines” in 1924.

Basic questions

  1. Explain Java.
  2. What kinds of diversity are there in C++?
  3. Who was the C++ creator?
  4. A comparable inside-out expression is defined by what?
  5. What does the word “encapsulation” mean?
  6. What benefits do Python programming languages offer?
  7. What different DBMS kinds are there? Describe each category as well.
  8. What advantages does employing the Java computer language submit? What do you mean by the Fibonacci patterns?
  9. What do you know about Python tuples?

Theoretical Questions

  1. What is traversing a tree?
  2. What precisely is a line?
  3. What exactly is a conduit, and when can it be useful?
  4. Explanation of the Unix executable Python script format.
  5. What does a postfix phrase mean?
  6. What is your knowledge of SDLC?
  7. Differentiate between overloading and Overriding.
  8. Differentiate between Abstract Class and Interface.
  9. Explain the different types of database users.

Scenario Questions

  1. State a time when you solved a challenging issue.
  2. State a time when the group you were a member of struggled.
  3. Tell me about when you had to finish a task or project quickly.
  4. When was a time at work when you were flexible?
  5. Give your opinion on the situation if one of your team members needed to perform their duties more effectively.
  6. What will be your actions when there is conflict in the team?
  7. Did a problem occur when you were off time with client delivery?
  8. How do you react to some rude clients?
  9. What are your strategies to make customers more clear about your thoughts?
  10. How will you ensure that your team members coordinate to complete work on time?

Practical questions

  1. Create a program to sort the array’s components.
  2. Create software to determine the most handshakes possible.
  3. State an example of the Kruskal algorithm.
  4. What do you understand by the Kruskal algorithm?
  5. What does SQL’s CLAUSE keyword mean? Explain with an example.
  6. Illustrate Insertion Sort with a use case.
  7. Illustrate Selection Sort with a use case.
  8. Illustrate Linked List with a use case.
  9. Illustrate Collection in Java with a use case.
  10. Illustrate File Handling in Java with a use case.

HR Interview Questions

  1. IBM is very proud of consistently placing the needs of the customer first. Describe a time when you delivered exceptional customer care.
  2. What was the challenging obstacle you overcame?
  3. Have you ever taken a chance at work?
  4. What has been your best professional accomplishment to date?
  5. What made you decide to quit your job?
  6. What qualities do you have?
  7. Why ought we to employ you?
  8. Describe yourself to me.
  9. What if we do not choose you?
  10. What activities and pastimes do you have?
  11. Please describe how you would benefit this company.
  12. What separates assurance from overconfidence?
  13. Tell me about yourself that can help IBM to get more benefits through your talent.



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