Identity and Access Management


In an organisation, mobile devices contain a wide range of corporate data and confidential information. Any breach in confidentiality can have major bad impacts on an organisation. So, Identity Access Management encompasses a set of policies, procedures and tools required to manage employees access rights, privileges and authentication.

In simple words, the key objective of IdAM is to ensure right access to right people for the right purpose at the right time in an organisation.

Why is IAM important?

Enterprises today, need a secure way to access information anytime, anywhere; simultaneously following the best control measures over access and protection from threats. In such cases, Identity and Access Management services have become an integral part of IT strategy solutions. Businesses need to protect their assets from threats, IAM helps in preventing such malicious attacks.

Benefits of IAM

  • Effortless access to data such as corporate applications, content and authentication details
  • Complete control over authentication and ensure compliance without any issue
  • Maintain corporate security standards by enforcing password and enabling two-factor authentication for additional insurance


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