Identity Management

In this tutorial we will learn about Identity Management.
CIA Principles or CIA triadBasics
IAAA operationBasics
Some Important Security ConceptsBasics
Identity federationBasics
SSO (Single sign-on)Basics
Web Services FederationBasics
Biometrics AuthenticationBasics
Privileged AccountsBasics
Privileged Account and Session ManagementBasics
Privileged Account MonitoringBasics
Privileged Account Management SolutionsBasics
Application WhitelistingBasics
User OnboardingBasics
User Termination & Role changesBasics
Access Controls & RBACBasics
Access validation & CertificationBasics
Segregation of Duties, Auditing and ReportingBasics
Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM)Basics
Intellectual propertyBasics
Data ClassificationBasics
Industry and local laws and regulationsBasics
Security Policy FrameworkBasics
Data Breach and Incident Response ProcessBasics
Notifiable Data BreachesBasics


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