In this tutorial we will learn about Identity Management.
CIA Principles or CIA triadBasics
IAAA operationBasics
Some Important Security ConceptsBasics
Identity federationBasics
SSO (Single sign-on)Basics
Web Services FederationBasics
Authentication FactorsBasics
Biometrics AuthenticationBasics
Privileged AccountsBasics
Privileged Account and Session ManagementBasics
Privileged Account MonitoringBasics
Privileged Account Management SolutionsBasics
Application WhitelistingBasics
User OnboardingBasics
User Termination & Role changesBasics
Access Controls & RBACBasics
Access validation & CertificationBasics
Segregation of Duties, Auditing and ReportingBasics
Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM)Basics
System for Cross-domain Identity ManagementBasics
Data TypesBasics
Intellectual propertyBasics
Data ClassificationBasics
Industry and local laws and regulationsBasics
Data Type Management & MonitoringBasics
Security Policy FrameworkBasics
Data Breach and Incident Response ProcessBasics
Notifiable Data BreachesBasics