Infosys Job Description (JD) Sample


With 114,822 employees worldwide, Infosys Technology Ltd. is India’s most prominent IT company. Limited by Infosys Technologies In addition to having offices in 33 nations, Infosys also has development hubs in Japan, India, China, Australia, and the UK. It was established on July 2nd, 1981, by seven businesspeople.

Infosys Technologies Ltd. provides IT and consulting solutions across a range of business units aligned with a range of industry verticals, including, but not limited to, banking, the life sciences, and retail.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • Your primary responsibility as a member of the Infosys delivery team will be to ensure efficient Design, Development, Validation, and Support functions so that our customers are happy with the high standards of service provided in the technology domain.
  • You will compile the demands and specifications to fully comprehend the client’s requirements and convert them into a software system.
  • To give Technology Leads and Construction Managers accurate information on project estimations, the aspirant will play an essential part in the overall assessment of work requirements.
  • If you fit in well, you would be a pivotal contributor to creating effective programmes or systems and assist our clients in navigating the next stage of their digital transformation journey.
  • Your primary responsibility as a member of the Infosys delivery team will be to communicate with the client to ensure high customer satisfaction while ensuring quality assurance and problem resolution.
  • You will comprehend requirements, produce and evaluate designs, validate the architecture, and ensure that clients in the technology sector receive high-quality service.
  • You will participate in project estimation, contribute to the delivery of solutions, plan technical risks, and review code and unit test plans.
  • To develop optimized, high-quality code deliverables, ongoing knowledge management, and adherence to the organizational policies and procedures, you will lead and mentor your teams.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Service Line Application Development, and Maintenance.
  • Knowing the fundamentals of architecture and design Knowledge of performance engineering.
  • Understanding of estimation methods and quality processes.
  • Ability to translate nonfunctional and functional specifications into system requirements. Basic Knowledge of the project domain.
  • The capacity to create and code intricate programs.
  • The power to create test scenarios and cases based on specifications
  • through Knowledge of agile and the SDLC.
  • Understanding of current trends and technologies along with logical reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to work with others

Work hours and Benefits

  • Casual Dress is allowed.
  • Paid and Sick Leave can be taken as required.
  • Holidays as vacations are provided in a limited count.
  • Life Insurance is provided.
  • Education, Training, and Certification Reimbursement are provided to support education.
  • Flexible-Time schedule is provided.
  • Work from Home is eligible depending upon the job role.


Apply for a job role on the Infosys web page to be an Infosian. Prepare according to the job requirements to fulfill maximum requirements and grab the golden opportunity.



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