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As the Salesforce Admin for the organization, you’ll be in charge of installing apps from the AppExchange based on user needs and requirements. In this article, we will go through the process of how to Install an App from Salesforce AppExchange. From installing an app to finding and viewing the installed app, we’ll accomplish it all; follow along to get started!

How to Install an App from Salesforce AppExchange

Follow the step-by-step instruction to install Dashboard Pal ( a component by Salesforce Labs that allows users a faster way to select the dashboard they would like to have displayed and then saves the preference so that they always get the most relevant dashboard for themselves) in your org.

1. Visit AppExchange.

2. Search for the component Dashboard Pal by Salesforce Labs.

3. Click on Get It Now.

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4. Decide which environment to install. It’s always best to test in a Sandbox first, but since we’re using a playground, let’s install it in the production org.

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5. Next, we’ll be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions(1), selecting Confirm and Install(2).

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6. Next, we’ll be prompted to select users to determine who has access to the app/component(1).

Choose either A (for users with Admin profiles only), or B(for all users), or C (for specific profiles). Once that’s done, let’s click on Install(2).

NOTE: Let’s select B ( Install for All Users)

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7. Once installation is complete, we’ll be directed to the page shown below. Simply click on Done to continue.

8. And we’re all done! We just successfully installed DashboardPal from AppExchange. Way to go!

How to find an Installed App?

Now that the app installation is done and dusted, the next obvious question is, where can I find what I’ve just installed? Follow along to find all installed apps in your org.

  1. Once in your org, click on the gear icon( Icon

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  2. Once on the setup page, type in Installed Packages in the Quick Find Box and select Installed Packages to view all the apps installed in your org.
  3. That was it! It should look like the image given below; since we’ve installed DashboardPal, you should be able to find it on the list.

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View the Downloaded Apps

We’re done with the app installation, and we know where to find all installed apps in our org. Now let’s see how to view the app and its associated components and dependencies.

1. Let’s visit the Installed Packages page from the Setup Menu.

2. Select DashboardPal.

3. Click View Components on the Package Details Page.

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4. Simply scroll down to see all the metadata components included in the app & their type. It should be similar the image below.

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5. To view dependency information for the app, click on View Dependencies.


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6. Here, you can view the Dependency Information for the installed app.

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