Internet of Things Interview Questions


IoT, referred to as the Internet of Things states the overall network of interconnected devices and the technology that enables interaction between them and the cloud. We now have billions of gadgets connected to the internet due to the development of low-cost computer chips and high-bandwidth telephony. The statement implies that common gadgets like vacuum cleaners, cars, and robots might employ sensors to gather data and respond wryly to consumers.

Basic Internet of Things Interview Questions

  1. What is the IoT?
  2. Explain Raspberry Pi.
  3. Do you know the procedure for running Raspberry pi in headless mode?
  4. What do you know about the fundamental components of IoT?
  5. Differentiate between IoT and IIoT?
  6. List layers of IoT protocol stack
  7. What are the disadvantages of IoT?
  8. Mention mostly used sensors types in IoT
  9. Differentiate between IoT and sensor businesses?
  10. State advantages of IoT?
  11. What is Bluegiga APX4 protocol?
  12. State some common IoT applications.
  13. What is Pulse Width Modulation?
  14. Mention applications of PWM in IoT.

Theoretical Questions

  1. What do you mean by MicroPython
  2. Differentiate between Arduino and Raspberry pi
  3. What have mostly used IoT protocols?
  4. What are IoT publishers?
  5. What is a library in Arduino?
  6. What is replication?
  7. What is IoT Thingworx?
  8. What is Salesforce IoT Cloud?
  9. Explain IoT GE-PREDIX
  10. Differentiate between floating CPU and fixed-point CPU?
  11. Define GPIO
  12. Define IoT Contiki
  13. What is data in IoT?
  14. What is a crystal oscillator?
  15. Define WSN.
  16. Define Zigbee.
  17. Define Z-Wave.
  18. Mention IoT software
  19. What is Shodan?
  20. What is a thing in IoT?
  21. What is Thermocouple?
  22. What are IoT test approaches?
  23. What is sharding?
  24. List hardware prototypes used in IoT
  25. What is IoT Testing?
  26. What is Thingful?
  27. What are interrupts in Arduino?
  28. What is Asset Tracking?

Scenario-based questions

  1. List available models in Raspberry Pi
  2. What are the challenges of IoT?
  3. What is the aim of airflow sensors?
  4. Mention suitable databases for IoT
  5. List majorly used IoT controllers by industries
  6. Why is the Internet of Everything important in today’s world?
  7. State steps to reduce the size of the sketch.
  8. State various types of antennas designed for IoT devices.

Practical questions

  1. Mention some of the wearable Arduino boards
  2. Why are functions used to read analog and digital data from a sensor?
  3. State some companies are working on IoT.
  4. State various types of CAN Frame.
  5. Explain Android things and how is it differ from IoT.
  6. Why are schedulers used in RTOS?
  7. Do you know anything about water sensors?
  8. What do you mean by Bluetooth Low Energy, and where is it used?
  9. What are the steps to install a new library in Arduino?
  10. Name some important IoT hardware.

Advance Interview Questions

  1. What is MQTT?
  2. Differentiate between M2M and IoT?
  3. What are the features of influx DB?
  4. How to program Arduino?
  5. What are IoT testing tools?
  6. What steps should one follow to store the high-volume file in Arduino?
  7. Do you know about any risk associated with the IOE Internet of Everything?
  8. Differentiate between the IoT network and Wireless Sensor Network?
  9. State the importance of the network in IoT.
  10. How IoT and sensors are connected?
  11. Explain the types of testing in IoT.



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