ITIL Availability Management


Now that the provider can efficiently allocate resources for the production of the potential IT services, it needs to focus on the availability and delivery of the services finalized in the service catalog. This stage is handled by the availability management. The function of availability management is simple to understand; however, the role of availability management could often be complex. The availability manager handles availability management and oversees the whole process. So what exactly goes into the process?

What is ITIL Availability Management?

ITIL is an infrastructure that provides a set of best practices for IT services. It provides accurate guidance and information on which mix of services would fulfill their requirements and also is the top grade in quality. Moving ahead into availability management, it makes certain that the IT services are delivered and made available at the right time to provide to the customers and overcome any problems or difficult situations.

Objectives of ITIL Availability management

  • A plan is substantial to have. However, just having a plan will not be enough; the provider should follow the same thoroughly and finish the process of delivery to maintain the availability of services.
  • safety and protection of services need to be ensured as well. While focusing on providing quick deliveries, the provider must not compromise on the quality of the services, including taking preventive measures to protect personal data.
  • After handling the provision of services, the IT provider should also pay close attention to the diagnosis of the IT services provided.

Process of ITIL Availability Management

Availability management consists of two main processes:

  • Reactive processes: Reactive processes refer to operational, non-heavy, and simultaneous activities. For instance, Monitoring and measuring, auditing service reports, etc.
  • Proactive processes: proactive activities refers to all the mainstream processes such as designing and blueprint development.

Process of ITIL Availability Management


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