ITIL Capacity Management


Allocation of resources is an important factor in every other business. The same holds for all IT providers and corporations. IT services are made of available resources and these resources do not exist in abundance; they are limited. Thus, adhering to the service strategy, it’s pertinent that companies use their resources most efficiently and profitably to make sure they sustain the business in the long run without exiting their available resources. In the ITIL lifecycle, ITIL capacity management holds an important role as it ensures all the planned services are produced in an efficient manner.

What is ITIL Capacity Management?

ITIL is an infrastructure that provides a set of best practices for IT services. It provides accurate guidance and information on which mix of services would fulfill their requirements and also is the top grade in quality. The service lifecycle of ITIL begins with a Service strategy, which leads the firm into forming the service design, where capacity management resides. Capacity management is defined as the management and allocation of resources implemented to produce IT services for the targeted group of consumers.

It can be categorized in three different areas:

  • Business Capacity Management
  • Service Capacity Management
  • Component Capacity Management

How is Capacity Management performed?

  • First, a capacity management plan is established, and the company needs to make this in line with the service level agreements and consumers want to make certain that the IT provider does not compromise on quality while cutting down on costs and increasing efficiency.
  • There should be an immediate incident management team to solve service-related customer issues.
  • A proper study of demand for services must be done and analyzed to realize what resources must be implemented and at what volume. During this analysis, the provider must also be aware of the costs incurred,
  • These costs should now be managed through various techniques which can increase productivity and efficiency. This will also benefit financial management.

ITIL Capacity Management


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