ITIL Service Catalog Management


After the service strategy is finalized, the company has a sense of direction as to what IT services they want to sell and what kind of market they are targeting. They prepare a set of IT services that fulfill customer requirements and do so in a profitable manner. The service catalog concept is not unknown to this thread, as it was previously referred to in the section of the service stage. The IT provider prepares the service catalog after the service strategy is ready, and the company decides upon all the services that will be provided to the customers.

ITIL Service Catalog

ITIL is an infrastructure that provides a set of best practices for IT services. It gives accurate guidance and information on which mix of services would fulfill their requirements and top-grade quality. Service catalog management is a part of service design- the second stage of the ITIL lifecycle.

ITIL Service Lifecycle

What is a service catalog made of?

  • Labeled IT services
  • Description for each service (details)
  • Custom service request information
  • Similar services are grouped in table form to allow customers to navigate easily.
  • Supporting components and configuration information(CIs) for each service mentioned
  • Cost for each service and cost of ownership
  • External after-sales services provided by the IT vendor
  • Service level agreement (SLA)

Two main types of the Service catalog

  • Business service catalog: This lists all the IT services made available to the customers and the after-service support provided by the IT vendor to maintain a good business relationship.
  • Technical service catalog: This is a more extensive service catalog as it consists of all the services available to the customer, support services, components used, and CIs. The service catalog manager is responsible for delivering the service catalog to allow all target customers to have complete information about the authorized IT services that can be provided to them.


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