ITIL Service Design Overview


In a nutshell, service design can be explained as the ‘prototype builder’ or a blueprint of the IT services shortlisted through service strategy and devised in the service catalog. However, the job of service design does not get end here. IT services need constant transitioning and changes to make sure that they maintain their relevance in the long run. In such situations, service design aids IT providers in designing upgrades and improvements in older IT services used by customers.

ITIL Service Design

ITIL is an infrastructure that provides a set of best practices for IT services. It gives accurate guidance and information on which mix of services would fulfill their requirements and has top-grade quality. ITIL has five stages. The first one is service strategy and then service design. Service design consists of processes that form the blueprints of new IT services and old IT service upgrades.

ITIL Service Lifecycle

Aspects of ITIL Service Design

  • Design: It needs to be modeled in a way that fulfills the purpose of purchasing such services and proves to be beneficial and profitable. The satisfaction of employees should be an IT provider’s paramount goal as it establishes business relationships. The design should be adequate and create harmony between different architectures such as technology, management, system, navigation, etc.
  • Risk Aversion: Design must be modified to mitigate efficiency and maximize work protection, security, and safety. IT services can also be made with integrated systems to increase cybersecurity for confidential data that access such IT software.
  • Error Reduction: IT service designs must be tested thoroughly to avert error occurrences after designated customers on the IT services.


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