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JavaScript development is part of the IT department. A JavaScript developer is a web application designer, meaning the developer is responsible for all the visual items shown in the web application. JavaScript developers produce front-end applications and work with various codes to create and run websites. They provide backend support services to their users and clients. Some visual effects are shown on the websites operated from the server with the help of JavaScript coding. The candidate with good knowledge of JavaScript coding converted into web technologies will be able to create new development designs and implement the existing ones quickly. JavaScript candidates know how to coordinate with team members, solve problems, and get good reviews from clients. The primary purpose of the web browser is to conduct online business and interact with various new companies to start selling online, which increases the website development and JavaScript development candidate demand.

Job Responsibilities and Requirements

  • JavaScript developers optimize web applications to improve their capability, speed, and exciting enhancements in existing and new applications.
  • Working as a backend developer and supporting the clients in handling the problems in the websites’ operations.
  • JavaScript ensures the technical research which implements the latest UI designs.
  • The JavaScript candidates know their work very well, which helps them to indicate the software risks and handle problems quickly.
  • They are working as a team and holding meetings at regular intervals.

Work hours and Benefits

JavaScript is a full-time job that requires lots of skills and practice to operate and create a web application. JavaScript is difficult to understand for every IT student starting in the computer science field. After proper studies, internships with various IT companies, and testing websites, they become professionals by learning different coding languages linked with JavaScript. The most crucial benefit of JavaScript is that it converts simple language into technical coding, as shown in websites. While surfing the websites, we see the latest offers, live prices, and other types of pop-ups created with the help of JavaScript coding. The basic pay of the Java Script developers depends on the Java Script candidate’s knowledge, ability, expertise in the field, problem-solving nature, team spirit, etc. Each Java Script employee should have the qualities to earn a good salary package in the range of 7–14 lakh per annum, which will be increased or decreased based on the candidate’s experience.

Experience and Education

The JavaScript candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in CS (computer science) or equivalent. The JavaScript candidate should have a strong understanding of the JavaScript coding libraries and knowledge of various mark-up languages like HTML, CSS, etc. They regularly test their existing projects, make regular amendments, and implement and troubleshoot problems. To be placed in a good IT company, a JavaScript candidate should have additional certificates of learning coding languages and at least 2-5 years of experience in JavaScript.


maintain their resume accordingly, as mentioned above, to select the best companies. They must tailor their CV or resume to the requirements to be quickly shortlisted, begin the selection process, receive an interview call, and be hired by their dream job IT companies.


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