JDK in JAVA stands for Java Development Kit. As the name suggest, the JDK is one of the key components that foster a conducive runtime environment for JAVA programs and applets to run. In terms of components, the JDK is can be thought of a conglomerate of JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and development tools. The JDK is an implementation one of the following platforms in cooperation with Oracle:

  • Standard Edition Java Platform
  • Enterprise Edition Java Platform
  • Micro Edition Java Platform

Contents in a JDK

The JDK contains a private JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and a few other components namely an interpreter/loader (JAVA), a compiler (javac), an archiver (jar), a documentation generator (Javadoc) etc, to ensure proper execution of a Java application or applet.

Components of JDK

Component Use
appletviewer: If you are not using a web browser, this tool is primarily used to execute and debug Java applets.
apt: An annotation-processing tool.
extcheck: Used to detect conflicts in JAR files.
idlj: It is an IDL-to-Java compiler.
java: This is the main component that is required to load and interpret java class files.
javac: The compiler which converts source code into byte code.
javadoc: Source code document generator.
jar: Helps manage JAR files.
javafxpackager: Tool to package and sign JavaFX applications.
jarsigner: Signing and verification tool.
javah: For writing native methods.
javap: Class file diassembler.
javaws: Java Web Start Launcher.
JConsole: Java Monitoring and Management Console.
jdb: Debugger.
jhat: Java Heap Analysis Tool.
jinfo: Gets configuration information from current Java processes.
jmap: Oracle Memory Map.
jmc: Java Mission Control.
jps: Java Virtual Machine Process Status Tool.
jrunscript: Java command-line script shell.
jstack: Prints Java stack traces.
jstat: Java Virtual Machine statistics monitoring tool.
Jstatd: Jstat daemon.
keytool: For manipulating the keystore.
pack200: JAR compression tool.



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