Logical Operators In Salesforce


Logical operators are mainly used to check if the result of an expression is true or false. We have 3 logical operators which help us in better decision-making.

Logical Operators In Salesforce

Operator Name Syntax Description
&& Logical AND expression1 && expression2 returns true only if both expression 1 and expression 2 are true
|| Logical OR expression1 || expression2 returns true if any one of the expressions either expression 1 or expression 2 is true
! Logical NOT !expression returns true if the expression is false and false if the expression is true

Logical AND operator

System.debug((6 > 3) && (8 > 6)); // true

System.debug((6 > 3) && (8 < 6)); // false


Expression1 (6>3) is true and Expression2 (8>6) is also true and here we have a logical AND operator in which if both the conditions or expressions are true, the result would be true. Hence, the output is true.

Logical OR operator

System.debug((6 < 3) || (9 > 5)); // true

System.debug((7 < 3) || (7 < 5)); // false

System.debug((8 > 3) || (7 < 5)); // true


Expression1 (6<3) is false and Expression2 (9>5) is true. Since we are using a logical OR operator here in which result would be true if any of the expressions is true.

Hence, the output is true.

Logical NOT operator

System.debug(!(9 == 3)); // true

System.debug(!(9 > 3)); // false


Expression (9 == 3) is not true and here we are using the NOT operator which returns false if the expression is true and vice versa.

Hence, the output is true.



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