Machine Learning Job Description (JD) Sample


Machine learning employs software engineering concepts and analytical and data science skills, usually combined into an ML model generated and made available to the product’s users. Machine learning (ML) is an area of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and computer science (C.S.) that focuses on using data and algorithms to influence how humans learn and set goals to improve the accuracy of their learning. Machine learning provides extensive training and workshops for new hires and experienced roles in tech about testing culture and best practices. The candidate is responsible for data collection, sorting, and data processing. To become a successful ML engineer, you must have expertise in programming and statistics. The main aim and objective of every ML engineer are to enhance the company’s performance by creating efficient ML models.

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Must know to design machine learning systems and self-running artificial intelligence (A.I.) software to automate the products.
  • Must know about the usage of the proper combination of data science, machine learning algorithms, and easily transferable tools.
  • Must have a bachelor’s or masters in computer science concepts, such as data structures, algorithms, compatibility, and computer architecture.
  • Machine learning engineers have many job duties, like creating programs for machine learning, conducting experiments with machine learning, testing programs, etc.
  • Extending and improving the machine learning framework and libraries
  • Conduct original research on machine learning applications in computer vision or language processing, security, etc.
  • Proper implementation of existing projects and advancement of new projects following market trends
  • Appropriate meetings and consulting with the managers to determine machine learning objectives to create machine learning apps that meet the needs of the clients and customers.

Work hours and Benefits

Machine learning is a full-time employment opportunity. They must learn many things to operate, design, handle, code, and use practical knowledge in every project. They utilize extraordinary mathematical abilities to perform computation and interact with the algorithms used in this programming. They also know how to construct algorithms based on statistical modeling techniques and construct and maintain scalable machine learning systems. The basic pay of the M.L. engineer depends on the company profile and the candidate’s experience, ability, and expertise in a specific field. The average salary given to machine learning engineers is 6–15 lakh per annum. There will be more if the candidate is highly experienced.

Education and Experience

To work with A.I. technology, a machine learning engineer must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a mechanical field or have an additional certification in Java, Python, etc. They also know the math and probability skills required and have a good hold on algorithms and statistics. Most ML engineers work on database management to learn data modeling, software architecture, and data structure skills. Candidate must have experience in programming languages like Python, Java, C++, etc. through internship and have experience in working with various ML libraries like Scikit; Caffe will add weightage to profile. They should also have good communication skills and work with team members.


Most companies are recruiting ML engineers and posting their eligibility criteria, so the candidate can easily prepare their resume or CV according to their requirements and also take help from the above job description. When the company selects their resume, they get the interview call, and after cracking the interview, they will be successfully hired as machine learning engineers.


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