MEM Calls to Google Suite User Attribute Configuration in Workspace ONE

The Google APIs are used to manage access to Gmail, within Gmail deployments, by default. With the user’s email address, the admin can identify the enrollment user while sending commands to Google. Alternatively, instead of the user’s email address to identify the user at Google, an administrator can also select an Active Directory custom attribute.

When the Google email address is placed in a custom attribute field of the customer’s Active Directory, this custom attribute can be used. Using Google Apps with Direct API, Password Provisioning, and SEG V2 with Automatic Password Provision deployment methods, the custom attribute settings are applicable to Google Apps.

  1. Go to Accounts, navigate to Administrators, click on Administrator Settings, go to Directory Services, and click on User. Map the custom attribute values with the Workspace ONE UEM administrator, and the mapping value from the customers Active Directory is used.
  2. In the Directory Services page, enable the custom attribute, provide a mapping value, and synchronize the Active Directory users to upgrade the enrollment user custom attribute.
  3. Go to Email, navigate to Email settings and click on Configure. The platform gateway is configured, and click on Next.
  4. The deployment model is chosen as Direct, email type as Google Apps with Direct API in the Add Email Configuration page, and click on Next.
  5. A friendly name is entered for this deployment on the Deployment page. Provide the details of the Gmail settings, Gmail Directory APIs Integration, authentication, and SEG proxy settings.
  6. Provide Google User Email Address. Email Address is the default value for Google User Email Address. Instead of the default email address, an administrator can select a custom attribute.
  7. Customize email profiles.

When the Google email address is situated in a custom attribute field of the customer’s Active Directory, use the custom attribute.


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